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کتاب آموزش زبان فرانسه Vis-à-vis
آذر ۱۱, ۱۳۹۴
نوع فایل : pdf
لینک کتاب در سایت آمازون: Vis-à-vis: Beginning French
قیمت کتاب در سایت آمازون: 157 دلار
قیمت : رایگان
حجم : 95 مگابایت
رمز فایل : یا

کتاب آموزش زبان فرانسه Vis-à-vis

کتاب آموزش زبان فرانسه Vis-à-vis

دانلود کتاب آموزش زبان فرانسه Vis-à-vis

دانلود رایگان کتاب آموزش زبان فرانسه Vis-à-vis

Vis-à-vis: Beginning French

نویسنده:  Evelyne Amon ،  Judith Muyskens ،  Alice C. Omaggio Hadley




More than any other Beginning French program, Vis-à-vis captures students' attention and engages them as they build a solid foundation of language and culture. The fifth edition of Vis-à-vis achieves this through its unique blending of contemporary culture and digital tools with the building blocks of the four-skills approach. The innovative features of Vis-à-vis engage students and connect them to the content. Students will be intrigued by the cultural content and delighted by the new features such as pronunciation tips and mini-tutorials on French slang. Plus, there is a robust suite of digital components, all conveniently available in one location, Centro, McGraw-Hill’s exclusive digital platform.

Alice C. Omaggio Hadley, Ph.D., Ohio State University, is a Professor Emerita of French at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She is a coauthor of the French text Rendez-vous: An Invitation to French and is the author of a language teaching methods text, Teaching Language in Context. Her publications have appeared in various professional journals, and she has given numerous workshops throughout the country.

Evelyne Amon studied at the Université de Paris-Sorbonne. She holds a DEA in modern literature, a Diplôme de didactique des langues in French as a second language, and a CAPES in modern literature. She has taught French language and literature at the secondary and college levels, and for many years has led a training seminar in Switzerland for professors on advances in methodology and pedagogy. Lately, she has conducted several training sessions in teaching French as a second language for teachers at the French Institute Alliance Française (FIAF) in New York. As an author, she has written many reference volumes, textbooks, and academic studies for French publishers such as Larousse, Hatier, Magnard, and Bordas, and she is currently working on a project for Hachette. She is the author of the McGraw-Hill French reader C’est la vie! and has written for successive editions of Vis-à-vis. She lives in Paris and New York.

Judith A. Muyskens, Ph.D., Ohio State University, is Provost and Professor of French at Nebraska Wesleyan University. She was recently a Professor of Humanities at Colby-Sawyer College, New Hampshire, where she served as Vice President for Advancement. She continues to teach French language courses when time allows, especially first- and second-year language classes. For many years, she taught courses in methodology and French language and culture and supervised teaching assistants at the University of Cincinnati. She has contributed to various professional publications, including the Modern Language Journal, Foreign Language Annals, and the ACTFL Foreign Language Education Series. She is a coauthor of several other French textbooks, including Rendez-vous: An Invitation to French and À vous d’écrire.

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